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  • | Customs rescued a fishing boat named Milad with 15 crew on board which was drifting off Goa coast, with the help of Indian Coast Guard by towing the boat ashore.
  • | On 08.05.2021, Goa Air Customs seized 10 Gold bars & one gold chain, total weighing 1.175 kgs valued at Rs.49.89 lakhs from an Intl. pax arrived from Sharjah by Air Arabia Flight No.G9-492. The Gold was found in check-in baggage.
  • | On 04.05.2021 Goa Air Customs seized 232 grams of gold bar valued at Rs 10.03 lakhs from check in baggage of a pax who arrived by Air Arabia Flight G9 492 from Sharjah.

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With the introduction of self-sealing using RFID e-seals, the Board has sought to enhance export facilitation by dispensing the need for exporters seeking the presence of jurisdictional officer for the purposes of supervising stuffing of the containerized cargo at approved premises. Exporters are required to procure "RFID tamper proof one-time-bolt seal" from approved vendors. The integrity of the RFID seal would be verified by the Customs Officer at the Port/ ICD by using the reader-scanners which are connected to Data Retrieval System of the vendor. In case, the RFID seals of the containers are found to be tampered with, then mandatory examination would be carried out. The list of CBEC approved vendors can obtained by clicking on the following link:


List of CBEC Approved Vendors