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  • | On 08.05.2021, Goa Air Customs seized 10 Gold bars & one gold chain, total weighing 1.175 kgs valued at Rs.49.89 lakhs from an Intl. pax arrived from Sharjah by Air Arabia Flight No.G9-492. The Gold was found in check-in baggage.
  • | On 04.05.2021 Goa Air Customs seized 232 grams of gold bar valued at Rs 10.03 lakhs from check in baggage of a pax who arrived by Air Arabia Flight G9 492 from Sharjah.
  • | On 27.04.2021 Gold weighing 512 gms valued at Rs.21.78 lakhs was seized by AIU of Goa Customs from a domestic pax who arrived from Hyderabad by Indigo Flight No.6E-6913

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01/2018 Transition of Customs functions hitherto performed by the Central Excise/ GST Officers, including export procedures and sealing of containerized cargo, to the Customs formations, under the Commissioner of Customs Goa 15.01.2018
02/2018 Implementation of Electronic Sealing for Containers by Exporters using RFID Seals under Self-Sealing procedure 23.01.2018
03/2018 Union Budget 2018-19 - Instructions 31.01.2018
04/2018 Budget related changes on Social Welfare Surcharge and Road & Infra Cess in ICES 06.02.2018
05/2018 Manual filing of applications for Advance Ruling and appeals before Appellate Authority for Advance Ruling 08.03.2018
06/2018 Extension eSANCHIT application on all EDI locations 26.03.2018
07/2018 Forwarding of samples for testing to the Outside Laboratories 04.06.2018
08/2018 Revised instruction for stuffing and sealing of reefer containers 08.06.2018
09/2018 Procedure to overcome the problem of refund blockage 15.06.2018
10/2018 General wavier of Penalty for late filing of BE due to non-functioning of E-Sanchit Module from 01.10.2018-04.2018 26.10.2018
11/2018 Observation and concerns regarding electronic seals used on Export containers 02.11.2018
12/2018 Cases where IGST Refund have not been granted due to claiming higher rate of Drawback OR where higher rate and lower rate were identical 16.11.2018
13/2018 Examination under Regulation 13(5) of CBLR, 2018 20.11.2018
14/2018 "F" category written examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR, 2018 21.12.2018