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  • | On 08.05.2021, Goa Air Customs seized 10 Gold bars & one gold chain, total weighing 1.175 kgs valued at Rs.49.89 lakhs from an Intl. pax arrived from Sharjah by Air Arabia Flight No.G9-492. The Gold was found in check-in baggage.
  • | On 04.05.2021 Goa Air Customs seized 232 grams of gold bar valued at Rs 10.03 lakhs from check in baggage of a pax who arrived by Air Arabia Flight G9 492 from Sharjah.
  • | On 27.04.2021 Gold weighing 512 gms valued at Rs.21.78 lakhs was seized by AIU of Goa Customs from a domestic pax who arrived from Hyderabad by Indigo Flight No.6E-6913

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01/2020 Electronic Filing and Processing of Shipping Bills for Re-export under claim of Duty Drawback under Section 74 of Customs Act, 1962 at Custom House, Marmagoa, Goa 08.01.2020
02/2020 Union Budget 2020-2021 - Instructions reg. 31.01.2020
03/2020 Entity Registration and Approval under New Sea Cargo Manisfest and Transhipment Regulations (SCMTR), 2018 through ICEGATE WEB PORTAL - reg 05.02.2020
04/2020 Streamlining export data to include District level details in Shipping Bills - reg 13.02.2020
05/2020 Facilitation of clearance of import containers due to delay in receiving of documents from China - reg 24.02.2020
06/2020 Implementation of automated clearance on All India basis 02.03.2020
07/2020 Terminal handling Charges levied by Shipping Lines - reg 03.03.2020
08/2020 Implementation of automated clearance on All India basis 23.03.2020
09/2020 Customs clearance at Ports/ Dry Ports for Cargo movement and Trade Facilitation on account of COVID-19 - reg 30.03.2020
10/2020 Request for Amendments and Waiver of Late Fee Charges in the Bills of Entry through e-mail procedure as facilitation during outbreak of COVID-19 - reg 30.03.2020
11/2020 Guidelines for conduct of personal hearings in virtual mode under Customs Act, 1962 - reg 28.04.2020
12/2020 Extension of facility vide circular No. 17/2020 dated 03.04.2020 namely, 'Measure to facilitate trade during the lockdown period- Section 143 AA of the Customs Act,1962' - reg 15.05.2020
13/2020 Renewal of Custodianship of M/s. Adani Mormugao Port Terminal Pvt. Ltd., Mormugao Harbour Goa - reg 11.06.2020
14/2020 ICES Advisory 17/2020-Further measures to make Bill of Entry Amendments Process contactless and paperless- - reg 17.06.2020
15/2020 Renewal of the Custodianship of the Deepwater Jetty site & structures at South West Port Ltd. (SWPL), Goa - reg 17.06.2020
16/2020 ICES Advisory 23/2020- Streamlining of processes in System related to Bonds & First Check BEs - reg 07.07.2020
17/2020 ICES Advisory 25/2020- Measures for Contactless Customs in EDI Systems - reg 10.07.2020
18/2020 Setting up of the Turant Suvidha Kendra (TKS) For Faceless Assessment- reg 20.07.2020
19/2020 New Electronics messages in export Advisory No. 28/2020- reg 11.08.2020
20/2020 Streamlining of UQCs in Bills Of Entry and Shipping Bills 17.08.2020
21/2020 Monitoring of realization of Export proceeds For shipping bills with LEO Dates from 01.04.2014 onwards under RBI-BRC Module- reg 04.09.2020
22/2020 Manufacturing and other operations in a Warehouse Regulations (MOOWR) and waiver of interest- Advisory No.33/2020 changes in ICES - reg 17.09.2020
23/2020 Capturing additional details for Certificate Of Origin (COO) as per Customs (Administration of Rules of Origin under Trade Agreements) Rules, 2020 in Bill of Entry 17.09.2020
24/2020 Streamlining of UQCs in Export Declarations -Certain relaxations to License SBs - reg 23.09.2020
25/2020 Provision of the Customs act, 1962 relating to coastal goods and vessel carrying coastal goods- Regarding 30.09.2020
26/2020 Procedure for shut out cargo and back to town of export Cargo - regarding 28.10.2020
27/2020 Faceless Assessment - New provisions in ICES in terms of Board Circular 45/2020 dated 12.10.2020 - regarding 10.11.2020
28/2020 Revised instruction for stuffing and sealing of reefer containers- reg 15.11.2020
29/2020 Further Enhancements in ICES in respect of Faceless Assessment 18.11.2020
30/2020 Tariff Related Quota - Implementation in System 02.12.2020
31/2020 Implementation of Sea Cargo Manifest and Transhipment Regulations 10.12.2020
32/2020 Availment of exemption on temporary import of Durable Containers in terms of Board Circular 51/2020 dt 20.11.2020 - Provisions in ICES 11.12.2020
33/2020 Officer interface Module for Courier IGST refunds 18.12.2020
34/2020 Operationalisation of MEIS rewards in ICES against e-Commerce exports and clarification on the Scheme Code for RoSL. 01.01.2021