About Us

The Early Days

  • The Customs Administration in Goa was organized under the Royal Decree of 23rd June, 1894 of the erstwhile Portuguese Regime.
  • In 1954, it was re-designated as Directorate of Customs Services’ headed by the Director of Customs Service who was responsible to the Governor General of the then regime.
  • After liberation of this territory on 19.12.1961 the above arrangement persisted till 01.10.1963.
  • On this date by virtue of Notification no. 184/63 dated 01.10.1963, the Collectorate of Customs and Central Excise came into being.
  • During the transition period, i.e. from 19.12.1961 to 01.12.1963, matters relating to Customs were looked after by the Lt. Governor of Goa who was assisted by the Customs adviser.

Administrative Development Over The Years

  • A Collector was posted to re-organize and merge the prevailing set up in the Indian Administration. Experienced staff from different cadres was drawn to ensure a smooth change over and to guide the employees who had been absorbed.
  • The Customs Collectorate carried on import and export activities from Marmagoa and Betul minor ports.
  • Marmagoa Port was given the status of a major port soon thereafter and a Port Trust was set- up by the Ministry of Shipping & Transport.
  • Central Excise activities were limited only to man the Minor Ports and the oil installations at Vasco-da-Gama.
  • Over the years, both Customs and Central Excise have grown sizably in relevance.

Administrative Set-Up

  • From 30th March 1990, an independent Collector (now re-designated as Commissioner) has been posted at Goa.
  • He is assisted by 03 Additional Commissioners and 15 Deputy Commissioner/Assistant Commissioners as per the Board’s letter F. No A-11019/4/2017-Ad. IV dated 16.06.2017, allocation of revised cadre strength amongst formations under CBEC.
  • The above Officers are assisted by Superintendents, Appraisers and Inspectors (Preventive Officers & Examiners).
  • There is also a complement of Ministerial Staff.


  • The Customs Commissionerate has got a major Customs House at Mormugao which is handled by the Appraising Department.
  • The major Customs House, Mormugao is notified for all goods in respect of Import & Export.
  • The Commissionerate also consists of an International Airport and Air Cargo Complex, both at Dabolim. Central Warehousing Corporation is the Custodian of warehouse situated at Sada, 07 km from Dabolim.
  • The ICD attached to the Commissionerate is located at Verna, and CONCOR, the custodian maintains it and facilitates trade.
  • Documentation for Air Cargo Complex and ICD is at Mormugao Customs House.

The Customs Commissionerate has, under its jurisdiction, 05 Minor Ports at Panaji, Betul, Talpona, Tiracol and Chapora, of which only Panaji is functional which was handled by Central Excise and later handed over to the Customs Commissionerate post the implementation of GST on 1st July, 2017.