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Instances have come to the notice that number of persons are getting telephonic calls as well as e-mail & letters by post asking them to deposit money in some individuals bank accounts making claim that Customs Officer have stopped clearance/ release of gift parcels/ rewards unless a certain amount is deposited towards customs duties, penalties etc. and a bank account number is also given where the money is to be deposited. Another common modus operandi is to send an e-mail stating that the recipient has won a prize or a parcel has been sent & money is to be deposited. All such calls/ e-mails are fake with the sole intention of cheating the public. The General Public is hereby notified & forewarned not to respond to such fake calls/ mails as Customs Officer do not make telephonic calls or send such mails to deposit amounts in individual bank accounts.Customs Department is not responsible in any way for any such fraudulent incidents, and complaints, if any, in this regard may be made directly to the local Police Station.