(a) The person desirous of availing the E-Payment facility must approach the designated bank viz Bank of India and State Bank of India for opening an INTERNET ACCOUNT.

(b) CBEC has set up a CUSTOM E-Payment Gateway (CEG) at ICEGATE (www.icegate.gov.in). The users who are already registered with ICEGATE will automatically be able to avail the facility of e-Payment as REGISTERED USER without any further registration process. However, even the users who are not registered with the ICEGATE can avail e-Payment facility as an UNREGISTERED USER.

(c) In the ICEGATE home page, a person can select the e-Payment icon from the main menu or if he is using any other module of ICEGATE (like document filing), he can select the e-Payment option from the side screen menu.

(d) On selection of e-Payment option, the e-Payment page will open. The users already registered with ICEGATE can login with their username and password as REGISTERED USER. Thereafter their (personal) web page would open which will display all the unpaid challans details (less than 5 days old) for the Bills of Entry filed by them.

(e) If the person is an UNREGISTERED USER, or he intends to make payments of duties on the documents not filed by him through ICEGATE, then he can make e-Payment by entering the IE Code of the importer. The CEG will display all the unpaid challans against the IE Code.

(f) Once the list of unpaid challans is displayed to the registered / unregistered user, he must select PAY option against the challan for duty payment.

(g) On selection of the challan the user will be shown the options of the designated banks for the purpose of E-payment. The user can select any of the two banks authorized for e-payment at JNCH.

(h) Thereafter, the user will see the web page of the selected bank. He would be required to login as an Internet Customer of the bank.

(i) After successful login in the bank site, the user will be shown the details of the challan including the amount to be paid. The user shall be prompted to confirm the payment option.

(j) On successful payment, a cyber receipt will be generated by the bank on successful transaction. Thereafter, the user may take the printout of the cyber receipt for his reference. The bank will prompt the user to come back to the CEG (Customs E-Payment Gateway) after completion of the bank transaction.

(k) The user must come back to the ICEGATE site to complete the transaction.

(l) In case of an incomplete transaction or link failure, a VERIFY option is automatically activated against the concerned challan for verification of the duty payment details. In case of incomplete transaction, the Importer/ CHA must go back to ICEGATE and select the VERIFY option against the challan. On selecting the VERIFY option, the Importer/ CHA is taken back to the site of the Bank for completion of the transaction. The VERIFY option must be exercised on the date of payment itself, and the option would be de-activated the next day.

(m) After e-payment is made at CEG, ICEGATE will send the payment particulars to the ICES location. Thereafter, the Bill of entry shall automatically move to the examination queue.

(n) The Importer / CHA need not produce any proof of payment for the clearance of goods in case of e-payment. However, he is advised to keep the copy of the cyber receipt with him for future reference for his own convenience