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Customs Guest House Booking – Information


The Customs Guest House has 4 rooms i.e. 1 AC Suite and 3 AC rooms. AC Suite can be allotted only to Group ‘A’ officials and AC room can be allotted to Group B & C officials. The rooms can be booked also by officials of other Central / State Govt. departments/PSUs/PSBs whether on personal or official visits and for the guests of departmental officials. The tariff is different for different officials as per Tariff rate shown above.

The below mentioned information is required to be submitted for booking a room in the guest house. After booking whether the room is available or not will be informed by the Custodian to the email submitted at the time of booking. For any other queries, you can directly contact the custodian at 0832-2951127 or email at custodian.goacustoms@gov.in.