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HOP Anita Kurian

Name : Shri Anita Kurian

Date of Birth : 20.01.1970

Date of Joining : 17.05.1993

Initial Appointment : Lower Division Clerk

S. No. Designation Commissionerate From To Charges held/ Posting
1. Tax Assistant Custom House, Goa 01.01.2007 22.07.2008 Cash & Accounts Section
 2. Tax Assistant Custom House, Goa 23.07.2008 29.08.2010 P.A.Bond (Import)
3. Tax Assistant Custom House, Goa 30.08.2010 13.09.2011 Bond Section(Preventive)
4. Examiner (Ad-hoc) Custom House, Goa 14.09.2011 30.05.2013 Registration, Monitoring of Export Obligation, BG for all Licenses under Gr.VII Recovery Cell (Appraising)
5. Sr. Tax Assistant Custom House, Goa 01.06.2013 05.06.2014 Accounts Section
6. Examiner Custom House, Goa 07.06.2014 07.06.2017 Audit, CAG, Technical Section ,Call Book cases, Finalisation of Import Assessment (Ch.1 to 27), Official Language, Refund (Import),  PCA, OSPA, Adjudication, Settlement Commission pertaining to Chapter (1-27),Import /Export Examination
7. Appraiser Custom House, Goa 21.07.2017 Till date Import Assessment CTH 27 (Sea & Air), Monitoring of Bond, BG and Revenue cases before Commr/Appl./Cestat/High Court/Supreme Court/Settlement Commission, SVB adjudication, finalization of Provisional assessments and all other works relating to these chapters , Review (Import & Export), MCD, CBS