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HOP Murari Lal Meena

Name : Shri Murari Lal Meena

Date of Birth : 22.01.1994

Date of Joining : 18.04.2016

Initial Appointment : Inspector (Examiner)

S. No. Designation Commissionerate From To Charges held/ Posting
1. Examiner Custom House, Goa Apr 2016 Nov 2016 Reward Scrips Prosecution, Advance Rulings, Advance Licence & EPCG Licence, Review (Import), Export Examination
 2. Examiner Custom House, Goa Nov 2016 Jun 2017 IAD, CERA, CAG Inspection, OSPCA, PCA, Import Examination
3. Examiner Custom House, Goa Jun 2017 Till Date Disposal of unclaimed and uncleared cargo, MCD, Export Examination