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HOP Siddharth

Name : Shri Siddharth

Date of Birth : 25.07.1989

Date of Joining : 22.03.2017

Initial Appointment : Inspector (Examiner)

S. No. Designation Commissionerate From To Charges held/ Posting
1. Examiner Custom House, Goa Mar 2016 Jan 2017 Import & Export Section, RTI & CPGRAM, IAD, CERA, CAG, PCA, OSPCA, Coastal Trade Returns, Call Book Cases, Adjudication A.C.(A) – Chapter 50-99, Import Examination
2. Examiner Custom House, Goa Feb 2017 Jun 2017 Sevottam, Implementation of Biometric, RTI pertaining to Establishment & Administration Section, Recruitment of Marine Staff
3. Examiner Custom House, Goa Jul 2017 Aug 2017 CESTAT, Commissioner Appeals, Settlement Cases and SVB Cases, , Import Examination
4. Examiner Custom House, Goa Aug 2017 Till Date Development of Website of the Commissionerate and implementation of Bulk SMS Facility