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Public Notices 2021

Corrigendum to the Public Notice No. 19/2021 dated 12.10.202123.11.2021
22/2021Nomination of Public Grievance Officer for the Commissionerate of Customs, Goa – reg.21.10.2021
21/2021Implementation of RoSCTL Scheme w.e.t 01-01-2021 in System18.10.2021
20/2021Implementation of RoDTEP rates w.e.f. 01.01.2021 in System12.10.2021
19/2021Nomination of approved Valuers for valuing Gold, Silver,Jewellery, Precious Stones and Valuable Articles etc., – Calling for nomination – Reg.12.10.2021
18/2021Capturing mandatory additional parameters for the CTHs – 23040020 and 2304003024.09.2021
17/2021Implementation of RMS for processing of Duty Drawback Claims – reg.…29.07.2021
16/2021Additional Checks for CoO Declaration in Bill of Entry15.07.2021
15/2021Implementation of Notification No.322021- Customs dated 31.05.2021 — Reg11.06.2021
13/2021Electronic mechanism to amend BL number in Prior/Advance BE with
Auto Approval – reg
11/2021Miscellaneous functionalities/changes enabled in ICES) – reg22.04.2021
10/2021Filing of Advance Bill of Entry under Section 46 of Customs Act, 1962 (amended vide Finance Act 2021) – reg01.04.2021
09/2021ICES Advisory 9/2021 – Inclusion of a new UQC for Metric British Thermal Unit01.04.2021
08/2021Nomination of Public Grievances Officer for the Commissionerate of Customs, Goa – reg.18.03.2021
07/2021Clarifications on SCMTR Registration related issues09.02.2021
06/2021ICES Advisory on Budget 2021 RELATED Changes in EDI System – reg05.02.2021
05/2021Budget Updation 2021-2229.01.2021
04/2021Mandatory uploading of documents in e-Sanchit-certain clarifications – reg29.01.2021
03/2021Examination Of Custom Brokers Licensing Examination, 202125.01.2021
02/2021Single Window – Online Query Module and other functionalities for PGA working in ICES08.01.2021
01/2021Implementation of RoDTEP Scheme in System05.01.2021